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a project by Kenny Barrett x Joshua Hahn
Opened in 2019.

Phoenix General Downtown, co-founded by Phoenix natives Kenny Barrett and Joshua Hahn, has established itself as a cornerstone of the Roosevelt Row Arts District since opening in 2019. The boutique offers a unique shopping experience with its blend of "Desert Modern" and urban styles, featuring a thoughtfully curated selection of ethically made clothing and lifestyle goods. Showcasing items from local, regional, and international designers and artists, the store seamlessly integrates fashion and art. Phoenix General Downtown has quickly become a favorite destination for those seeking distinctive, sustainable products that embody the spirit and creativity of Phoenix.


a retail project by Kenny Barrett x Joshua Hahn
Opened in 2016.

Phoenix General Uptown Store is a unique boutique in Central Phoenix, known for its curated selection of high-quality, ethical, and sustainable clothing and lifestyle gifts. Co-founded by Kenny Barrett and Joshua Hahn, the store drew inspiration from the modern desert city of Phoenix, offering handpicked items from local, regional, and international designers and artists. The boutique quickly gained a reputation for its distinctive desert-vibe aesthetic and hard-to-find quality goods. In 2019, Phoenix General expanded by opening a second location in the Roosevelt Row Arts District, continuing its mission to provide stylish, sustainable products to the community​.

Artist Cooperative Retail Store
a retail project by Kenny Barrett x Joshua Hahn. 
Key coop members through the year's: Kelly Placke, Oscar Garcia, Ulrika Abrahamson, Allison Dendulk, Jasmine Jarrett, Ashley Denton, Carolina Gomez
2011 - 2016

The GROWop Cooperative Boutique, nestled within the Growhouse Urban Agriculture Center in Phoenix, Arizona, was a charming retail space that perfectly complemented the center's community and sustainability ethos. This boutique was a treasure trove of on-trend vintage clothing, handmade jewelry, and locally crafted goods, providing a unique shopping experience that promoted local artisans and sustainable fashion. Visitors could find one-of-a-kind fashion pieces and home goods, all curated with a keen eye for style and sustainability. The boutique embodied the spirit of community cooperation and eco-conscious living, making it a beloved spot for both fashion enthusiasts and environmentally-minded shoppers. With its blend of urban agriculture and chic retail, GROWop proved that style and sustainability could thrive together in the heart of the city​.